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Leaf size and shape is incredibly important to plant-life, as it is an adaptation that helps them thrive within the environments in which they live. Large leaves can counteract the daytime heat-trapping effect using transpiration – the plant version of sweating.


Large leaves allow tropical plants to capture an optimal amount of sunlight energy which, when paired with sufficient water, leads the plants to convert this energy into growth and development.

Solar Forma - catalogue page 37.png
Solar Forma - catalogue page 37.png

Pods are a neat solution for renewable energy for your outdoor office, home, or cafe. The round solar canopy mimics a large jungle leaf, shading comfortable seating space below. The flexible design comes with or without a table and can be used as an outdoor work space, study area, or compact shaded bench for urban areas. The design includes internal battery storage so Pod can provide power for versatile patron needs.


Options include seating, tables, lighting, charging ports and discs, power storage, and integrated cooling systems.


As standard features, Pods have a round solar disc and base structure. The remaining features of these designs can be customized to suit individual needs. 

Steel frame with Aluminum cladding support

Scalable Power Generation 2.1 – 2.2 K

Steel frame, Aluminum backing with SOLAR PV

Site specific, pre-prepared footing

Elevation Render 1 png.png
Elevation Render 1 png.png
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