Let nature inspire...

Acacias are one of the most iconic trees in Africa. They are landmarks on the savannahs. They provide shade, food and a gathering point for many of the African plains wildlife species.
There’s a reason that acacias are dome-shaped. The umbrella dome of their canopy enables the trees to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, with the smallest of leaves. They have wide, flat canopies with very little vegetation underneath, so they work perfectly for shade and shelter.

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E-Cacia Solar Tree

E-Cacia Functions:


  • Shade and Rain Shelter

  • Wireless Electronic Charging 

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • LED Lighting

  • Electric Vehicle/Bike Charging

  • Grid Tie Capable 

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Tree Logic

The E-Cacia solar tree has minimal ground level impact and easily integrates into human spaces, while generating large amounts of solar energy. Each E-Cacia has 3.6 - 4.8 KW of solar generative capacity. Compared to conventional solar energy systems which take up SPACE, the E-Cacia creates an appealing PLACE which inspires community while redefining how renewable energy can be integrated into public settings.


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