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What We Do

Solar Forma is a specialty fabricator that pairs the talents of artists and designers with leading solar technologies. We create aesthetically pleasing yet high functioning solar   products that redefine the relationship between renewable energy and public spaces. These Inspired Designs create interest, enhance public acceptance, and elevate the profile of our customers’ Green Stamp or environmental ethos. Our designs create positive attention and acknowledgement of commitment to a carbon-free future while lowering energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Meet The Team


Greg Johnson


Design & Fabrication

Greg started Artisan Forge Metalworks in 1997.  As an artist and fabricator, he is passionate about incorporating metal work into fine furnishings, homes and commercial projects.  He has grown the company into a large team of talented artisans working on projects from thousands to millions of dollars.  His in-house design team brings initial concepts to life through the use of CAD design and renderings.  Greg lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and is an avid environmentalist, relentless entrepreneur, and owner of several businesses.


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Brian Graff

General Manager

Business Operations

Seasoned and impassioned leader, Brian Graff has held executive leadership and senior marketing positions in Fortune 500 companies, agencies and business start-ups, including General Mills, Mueller Mack Agency, Essentia Health, and SMDC Ventures. With his 30 years of experience, Brian focuses on developing creative solutions and surfacing new opportunities based on analytical and quantitative rigor to deliver better results. In addition, he is an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist.



Patrick Ritchie

Business Development 

Patrick Ritchie is a focused sustainability professional experienced in community climate action planning, renewable energy policy and planning, sustainable management and commercial and industrial construction. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management in 2020 and spent two-years with the City of Eau Claire developing the initial plan to move the City operations and community to 100% renewable energy